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Started by ron77, May 12, 2023, 04:32 PM

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Hi all :)

I'm giving here a Dropbox link to a particular zip folder containing one of my earliest attempts to create a text game in freebasic - this dates back to late 2020 - you know, the covid years with lockdowns and masks and social distance... anyhow this is even before I made hikikomori my official first game...

The code was considered lost till now (I lost many code during my years of learning to code either meltdowns or failed reinstalls or moved to new computers etc...); however, thanks to some good friends on freebasic discord server. I was able to restore it :)

The game is simple - you play a hacker from the 90s with a contract to hack a target, and basically, you need to choose either escape or switch sides to report to authorities or end up terminated...

It's a text game with some sound, basically - I hope anyone will be interested in it