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Started by ron77_db, Apr 01, 2022, 02:22 PM

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ok... i've been always using the FBIDE that is my trusty one for ages...
but recently i found one one that can indeed be used to replace it
slight better in some cases, faster, and so on... but as usual last update for that was in 2015

this IDE seems to be made in powerbasic, but its lighteight as well
while there's no source to it... i managed to fix some issue with the IDE including:

  • the ide was blinking its menu every keystroke (i did workaround to that but need to be improved, it mishandle the "non client updates" but its hard to fix from outside
  • it was also trying to probe/open/read too much files everytime (blocked that from happening)
  • in order to check freebasic version it was also trying to open the fbc*.exe compiler to grab its version from the executable file itself, which i limited... and it was opening for READ/WRITE so i limited and cached the results and forced it to open for read only
  • when compiling the IDE was creating a temp .bat file and executing that to redirect the output to its log and so on... (probabily due lack of WINAPI knowledge?) i changed that to work with PIPEs no extra processes or extra file I/O required when compiling, likewise no more .log file generated (i may make it optional?)
  • the ide also had a bad way to show compiler errors, and was annoyingly forcing a -v switch everytime, so i removed the -v need... and remade into a much nicer compiler result log

i may still improve the IDE "hint" (intellisense like), need to add a "quick compile" options, and make it not save temporary (never saved files) into tmp... (but instead on the current folder, as its usually related to another project that one is working, so it makes sense)

here's PATCH to it (version 09-24-2022), just extract the .zip (it contains an .ocx) on the IDE folder... and the IDE will load it automatically when you open it next time...  so if required you can just rename or delete the extracted .ocx to undo the patch :)

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you can see that its being patched on the Help - About
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as it shows an extra line, for the fixes and the version of the fixer


Hi, mysoft!

I've downloaded both CSED_FB IDE and the patch fix and tested it - it's cool and works well even on 64-bit windows OS - thanks a lot for this patch! I know you worked on it very hard and the results are great! now this IDE has a new improved functionality :) and I think I'll use it as my primary or secondary IDE on windows OS...

once again thanks for the work you put into it and for sharing it with us I'm sure there will be others who will use it and find it useful


Okay, mysoft has been doing more fixes to CSED_FB IDE. Here is the latest update on those...

In addition to the 'HHCTRL.OCX' file given here previously, there is a .zip compressed file with a modified .ini file to the IDE and updated keywords txt files for the ide.

Instructions to use are simple: extract to a folder and rename "CSED_FB-clean.ini" file to "CSED_FB.ini" then copy the files and the "keywords" folder to the IDE (which already has the "HHCTRL.OCX" file in it and choose to "replace files" and there you go all you need is to set the compilers again and help chm paths:

The fixes are mainly better colors for the editor ide and better identifications of freeBASIC reserve words or keywords...


here is the .zip file as attachment: You cannot view this attachment.


ok... i updated the fixer... new version is 09-24-2022, because my previous version had some conflict with the IDE lynx project manager, that could cause the IDE to not open at some random circunstances... fixed that :)


Translated into Russian for CSED_FB.