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quitting smoking app in freebasic

Started by ron77, May 02, 2023, 05:04 AM

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thanks, I made it hoping to use it one day to quit smoking... I'm still hoping


Quitting smoking is often a tough mission.

I'm not a smoker, but I've witnessed the challenge often enough.

I've often wondered if, every time there is a craving, a set of five pushups would be enough of a distraction.  Addictions often turn into substituting something bad with something less bad (if not something good.)

Could the "rush" from a quick set of 3-5 pushups subdue the nicotine craving for a short stint?  10 pushups?  More as you get stronger?  If not, the push-ups would still be pretty awesome.


Nicotine addiction is a strong and terrible addiction to a powerful drug.

I started to attend "nicotine anonymous" (nicA) meetings. They are based on the 12th step program recovery originally by A. A. (alcoholics anonymous). I just started going there. I hope it will help me quit smoking. However, the addiction is permanent, and you can only recover, yet you still need to be careful not to fall.

Young people don't know what they are getting into when they start smoking or try addictive substances. It's only many, many years later, sometimes 20, 30, 40, or more years, that they find out the truth - that they are addicts and that the substances they abused have damaged their lives, body-mind, and soul for many, it is too late by then to "just say no" or quit... smoking drinking alcohol and other substances, etc...

Maybe one day I'll make a text game in freebasic - something about my addiction to nicotine and how foolishness it is to start smoking and about the cost in money and health and lives - hopefully it will be an educational lesson about why not to smoke or start any substances addiction no matter how "cool" they are or peer pressured you are... - just an idea...



My dad quit cold turkey when he was 20 or 21.  He had been smoking steadily and heavily for several years.

Then he went on a hike with a really healthy non-smoking buddy, and he suffered the whole way with buddy mocking him the whole way.

Embarrassed, my pop quit cold turkey and never smoked again.

My mum, it took the diagnosis of COPD to motivate her getting on the patch.  That did the trick, but the cravings stuck around for another couple of years.

My ex-wife, the patch and a major hate on for cigs conversion ("you don't smoke, the cigarettes smoke; you're just the sucker") did the trick for her back in 1996, and not a craving since.

If the patch is available to you, give it a go to take off the edge gracefully.  Having a support group is an awesome thing.