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About the BAM discussion category and all BAM resources

Started by CharlieJV, Aug 05, 2023, 09:52 PM

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There are various online sources of information for BASIC Anywhere Machine.

This discussion category here at the RetroCoders Community must be limited to what would qualify as "Retro" programming in BASIC.  For example:

  • BASIC sample/example programs
  • Q & A about programming in BASIC
  • Q & A about features in BASIC Anywhere Machine

So all of the above, in this community, must strictly adhere to "Retro" programming in BASIC.  What that means will be clarified when the RetroCoders Community forum defines the terms "RetroCoding" and "RetroCoders".

For any and all information/communications/feedback related to BASIC Anywhere Machine (including the scope described above and all topics not covered above), please consider the following online resources: