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RectroCoders Community Rules

Started by ron77_db, Mar 31, 2022, 07:15 PM

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1. be civil and respective to each other - no personal insults no arguing for argument sakes.
2. no spamming or harassing no fake identities or multiple accounts no trolling - ...
3. no malicious code or hacking...
4. no flaming no hate speeches no racism...
5. no NSFW or ADULT content...
6. Admin and Moderators are here to keep the peace and help maintaining the forum wishes

1. There's many other forum with modern stuff and (OOP mandatory languages), and other popular things, this forum is not for that or for them
2. We favor retro computing, and retro languages, retro people we may not have too much for them yet, but we want that
3. Some languages like QB64 and python may be here, but they are for sporadic purposes not be flooded as they conflict with #1 or similar.
4. Many people get abuses/disrespected in other forum for having different ideas, this place suppose to be for them (so let's be a family)
5. Avoid posting as if this was a dev blog, and if you want to do, keep a single or few threads, and post as replies to that
6. For cases of #5 we may be doable to have some threads "limited to the dev poster", but then... how people will comment?
7. Avoid uploading big files to the forum as we right now have limited storage, so let's prioritize and keep the less important as external links
8. If you have any questions about the soul of the forum you can ask me, and maybe even get more details added to this post :)

1. No copyrighted material that you do not have a license to distribute. (No "warez", copyrighted books, copyrighted MP3s, etc.
2. No vulgarity or "adult material" of any type.
3. No unlicensed scripts. (vBulletin, etc.)
4. No ads of any type.
5. No IRC services or bots. (Java IRC clients are ok.)
6. No subhosting or resale of any services, for fee or for free.
7. No spamming.
8. No malicious scripts.
9. No hacking. (Forging TCP/IP packet headers, forging email headers, DoS attacks, flooding, mailbombing, etc.)
*. ! Additional rules may be added at any time, without notice. !