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Started by johnno56, Oct 13, 2022, 06:51 PM

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Just sounding out opinions in regards to Python/PyGame. I have gone through a reasonable amount of tutorials for PyGame and found that it can produce some quite nice 2D games.. Mind you, it is not Basic, but it is not fair to compare it with Basic either... lol

Python3 is part of Linux Mint's core packages and it would be a shame not to at least "take it out for a spin", even if, just to see what it can do.

I am still trying to get my head around 'classes' etc and how stuff 'inherits' this or that... I'm still learning and sounds a lot like 'Greek' to me...

Pygame. Honest opinions. I like it - for the results - but, for me anyway, it seems to be a lot work. I would probably be better off using a dedicated IDE that has auto code for python/pygame rather than using a text editor... lol

I would like to continue with pygame but would appreciate any and all constructive advice... Thank you.

May your journey be free of incident.  Live long and prosper.


hello johnno56...

Python and python 3 and pygame it is a MODERN programming language, and not retro programming and my associates dislike them - however, I, too, once tried for years to learn and master them for a different reason... I was back then a "believer" in AI and Machine Learning and wanted to program my "digital best friend companion" - after a few years of drifting back and forth, I gave up python and took the retro - basic - freebasic path - and as for AI and ML well today I realize it's just a fancy algorithm, and the computer doesn't turn into a "Samantha OS" (from the movie "HER" from 2013 - don't know if you've seen it it's really good) I tried a "build your own AI chatbot in python tutorial." I was devastated to find out that the chatbot kept saying, "I'm not your friend, Pal!" or general apathy towards me...

Anyway, long story short - now I make simple chatbots in freebasic based on the classic ELIZA algorithm ... they are not as fancy as AI, but they sure say, "hey, I care about you!" (since I code them to say that)

And regarding python board here at retrocoders well, it's here, and although it's not retro programming - it's allowed and welcomed :) And we hope you'll have fun with it and show your code if you got one...

That's my 2 cents...



Thanks Ron. I have nothing in regards to code sharing as the only code created was from tutorials... I am not at a level to 'actually create' my own work... lol

Good to know that the Python forum is available... I will try to keep my focus on 'retro'... lol

Have a great day.

May your journey be free of incident.  Live long and prosper.