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Started by Lucidapogee, Sep 25, 2023, 08:20 PM

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I just wrote this little application to act as a self serve free website hosting platform.
It still needs refining, but I plan to keep this running as a long term free service.

You may create numerous linkable pages. They may contain plain text, HTML, CSS, Net Basic, Javascript, etc...

Want to run this service on your own server?
Download the open source version:

Here's an example page that I created with the service:

The example contains a simple html form with an embedded Net Basic program.

Good uses for this service include hosting splash pages, small content sites, practicing HTML and CSS coding, and more.

I am aware of the warnings generated in the error log about the assigning of POST data when there's no POST. I will fix this later. It's not too important right now.

If you have questions or find issues, please let me know.