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hx dos extender for freeBASIC for DOS

Started by ron77, Feb 08, 2024, 11:07 AM

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hello it seems that using CWSDMPI.exe with freebasic for DOS causes a segmentation fault error (12) when using 'sleep' or 'input' commands

freebasic post on the forum of FB community suggested to use HDPMI32.EXE instead of CWSDMPI.EXE

The Post on fb Forum

Here is the address of the HX DOS Extender Site where you can find HDPMI32.EXE

HX DOS Extender HDPMI32.EXE Site

You load it by typing manually or putting in a batch file or in DOSBox autoexec.bat:

"HDPMI32.EXE -r"

You unload it by:

"HDPMI32.EXE -u"

(all, of course, without the quotes)

HDPMI32.EXE enables the use of sleep and input commands without segmentation fault errors and without causing the program to crash. I've tested it on with my chatbot in freebasic...


I was having issues with cwsdpmi and switched to pmode stub.


Try it. I use it with djgpp.
Can you bind the dpmi to your exe in FB like in djgpp?
If not, there's a TSR version of pmode called pmodtsr.


yeah it uses the same linker, so it's possible to bind... (and even then freebasic can use -gen gcc to compile using djgpp)

i will test this one... because while hdpmi32 is nice... it makes many tools to thing it's inside windows (for obvious reasons)... and i can't jut rename hdpmi32.exe to cwsdpmi.exe... as that does not work, since the built-in loaded does internal stuff to loda cwsdpmi.exe