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Piranha Panic Port

Started by mysoft, Apr 19, 2024, 07:29 PM

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despite this being a game, i didnt made it... so i'm not posting on gamedev
what i made was to port the binary version (there's no source), so it can run on linux and DOS

the port works in a way "similar as that WINE do", i implemented the required windows API that the game uses, and manually load the binary blob of the game and run that

press F2,F3,F4 for new game in... easy/medium/hard difficulties respectively

for the DOS version if running in dosbox i recommend using hdpmi32 instead of cwsdpmi...

i'm now working, on the 2nd step of this project, that is to make a static recompiler, so that i can port this for ARM/WebAsm/x64 etc... and have the game over NDS

source + win32/dos binaries
Download Piranha RE