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Fox Oring

Started by yevrowl, Apr 20, 2024, 05:01 AM

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Fox Oring is a variation of the sport of amateur radio direction finding. Fox Oring is a timed race in which individual competitors use a topographic map and a magnetic compass to navigate through diverse, wooded terrain while searching for radio transmitters. The term is derived from the use of the term fox hunting to describe recreational radio direction finding activity and an abbreviation of the word orienteering. It is necessary to discover 5 hidden transmitters located on a 10 × 10 field in as few moves as possible. The transmitters broadcast in all 8 directions, the number on the cell indicates the number of intersecting signals.


looks pretty good, fun playability , heh so the DOS version is in qbasic... and the win32 version uses OpenGL? hehe

thanks for the effort of multiple platforms :)